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Welcome to Abiolian Solutions Enterprise

The Founder / CEO of Abiolian Solution Enterprise is Ikuejawa Abiola Oladeji (CPMP, ACIPM, ACIEHS, ACICRM, AESM) who has been involved in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) from 2012 With his strong background in ICT and business management, he consults for both corporate and government clients and provides ICT content through various online, print and electronic media.

I understand as all sectors increasingly depend on IT, the demand for professionals with IT skills and expertise is growing. Abiolian guide gets you empowered to succeed in your IT Career. Gain knowledge and tips on how to enter and excel in IT careers and professions that are high on the value chain in the knowledge economy.


Who We Are

We are an integrated ICT solution provision firm based in Osun with expertise in web design, web development; web hosting, digital marketing, computer repair, E-commerce and other value added services. Owned and staffed by seasoned web professionals with proven experience at delivering high impact web sites that communicate corporate personality and message effectively.

We are a one-stop shop for all things related to building, operating and maintaining a website or internet platform. We do website design, web app development, digital advertising, email marketing, social media management, Search Engine Optimization, and also offer both retail and corporate training in various web technologies and digital marketing.

We distinguish ourselves from other service providers in the market by combining our expertise in the different area of web technology to provide you with solutions that epitomizes your business or idea online. And we do this in time and within set budget, in all, we make it our duty to amaze you.

We are not just techies but web geek with sophisticated interpersonal and business skills; see us as your Web Business Consultant. We ensure to be involved with you from the beginning to the end offering you advice in brand (or logo) creation, design concept, content development, search engine optimization, domain name and hosting to website analytics.

Abiolian guide gets you empowered to succeed in your IT Career. Gain knowledge and tips on how to enter and excel in IT careers and professions that are high on the value chain in the knowledge economy.

Who We Are

Abiolian has brought many interested individuals into the IT field.

Abiolian is committed! The resource provides authentic insights for IT students, career changers, IT professionals, managers, entrepreneurs and employers. It is the roadmap for succeeding in one of the world’s most demanding and industrious careers. Career success depends on the choices we make.

Connect with Abiolian for guides and fundamentals that will nudge you in the right direction. And to be able to answer the following question.

What works, what doesn’t?
Where are the opportunities?
What are the critical success factors?
Why do some fail and yet others succeed?
Are there formulas you must use?
What does the job entail?
What is your background?
What are the skill needs?

Explore Abiolian career guide and consulting center on IT training and certification challenges and opportunities.

Review exam coverage, preparation and training options. Learn more about several IT career paths and how to build your career and stay ahead as technology moves forward. Use your ideas, skills, talents and strengths to create new avenues for growth. Abiolian is your path to fruitful, life changing and long lasting IT careers.

Meet Our Team

Our team member are not just techie but web geek with business skills, they are Web Business Consultant. Their goal for every business relationship is not to build a website, develop a web app or run a digital advert campaign but rather improve your ROI using web technologies.

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